AmeriGlo Spartan Operator


  • Type: 3 Dot Front
  • Series/Collection: Spartan Operator
  • Material: Tritium Sight, Steel Frame
  • Color: Green with Orange Outline Front, Green with Black Outline Rear, Black Frame
  • For Use With: Glock (Gen 5) 17, 19, 19x, 26, 45 Pistols

FEATURES OF AmeriGlo Spartan  Sight Green

Built upon the classic 3-dot design, the Spartan Operator sights feature a glare reducing rear tritium sight design and the popular ProGlo orange outline tritium front sight, delivering a faster front sight acquisition.

AMERIGLO is committed to manufacturing the highest quality tritium, painted dot, fiber rod, and custom OEM iron sights for the modern hand-gunner. AmeriGlo Spartan Operator Sight Set for Glock 20/21 Green

With the largest selection of set options for leading firearm brands, AMERIGLO brings a clear advantage to your shooting experience on and off the range.



The AmeriGlo Spartan Operator is a line of handgun sights designed to provide shooters with enhanced target acquisition and accuracy. Known for their durable construction and tactical features, AmeriGlo Spartan Operator sights are popular among firearm enthusiasts and professionals alike. Here are key details:

  1. Design and Construction:

    • It feature a robust construction using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability in various shooting conditions.
  2. Night Sights:
    • AmeriGlo is well-known for its night sight offerings, and the Spartan Operator line is no exception. These sights often incorporate tritium inserts to provide low-light visibility, aiding shooters in low-light or nighttime scenarios.
  3. Tritium Illumination:
    • Tritium is a radioactive isotope that glows in the dark, allowing for illuminated sight dots without the need for external light sources. This feature is especially beneficial for quick and accurate target acquisition in low-light conditions.
  4. Front and Rear Sight Configuration:
    • The Spartan Operator sights typically include both front and rear sights. The front sight may have a bold, contrasting color or outline to facilitate quick target alignment.
  5. Contrasting Colors:
    • Many models within the Spartan Operator series utilize contrasting colors for the front and rear sights. This color differentiation aids shooters in quickly aligning the sights and focusing on the target.
  6. Sight Picture Clarity:
    • The design of the Spartan Operator sights emphasizes a clear sight picture, allowing shooters to maintain focus on their target while ensuring proper sight alignment for improved accuracy.
  7. Low-Profile Design:
    • The low-profile design of these sights minimizes snagging and interference with holsters or other gear, contributing to a smooth draw and reholstering process.
  8. Compatibility:
    • AmeriGlo offers various sight models to accommodate different handgun makes and models. This includes compatibility with popular firearm platforms, enhancing the versatility of the Spartan Operator line.
  9. Installation:
    • Installation of AmeriGlo Spartan Operator sights may require gunsmithing or professional installation, depending on the firearm model. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and, if necessary, seek assistance from a qualified gunsmith.
  10. User Reviews:

    • Reviews from users often highlight the AmeriGlo Spartan Operator sights for their durability, ease of use, and enhanced visibility in various lighting conditions.

Before purchasing or installing any firearm accessories, including sights, it’s crucial to ensure compatibility with your specific handgun model and adhere to local laws and regulations. Additionally, seeking professional guidance for installation, especially if it involves firearm modifications, is recommended to ensure safety and functionality.

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